пятница, 3 мая 2013 г.


Overslept another important appointment? Turned your alarm-clock off and kept on sleeping? We know how that works… This is why we made Kamikaze Jigsaw Alarm. It will not let you oversleep again!
Turn on the Kamikaze mode and now the only way you can turn the alarm off is to assemble a jigsaw puzzle. After that the alarm-clock crushes down.  

You can either choose a picture from the app or use one from your own gallery. 
Other free options: 
- Up to 4 alarms can be set 
- Single alarm mode or daily mode
- Ringtone selection
- Volume setting for each of 4 alarms
- Vibro mode
- Option to postpone the alarm and Kamikaze mode

Download this awesome alarm-clock and wake up in a good mood. Have a good day! 

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